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Welcome to Positive Advertising

Big Impact - Small Cost!

Small business understands small business. 
We don't just create a "Buy this..." ad but instead work to create
personal connections with your business. 
We understand how important the right ad is.

Whether you desire an ad for a limited sale or
an animated ad with sounds to attract eyes and ears, we can do that!

Place your ad or logo on our website, Facebook page, YouTube channel,
in one of our popular videos or even on us!  There are numerous options to pick from!
All at a cost any small business can afford.  See our samples below.

For Sponsorship options --           

SponsorAd Pack 1 (6).jpg
Sponsor Pack 4 (5).jpg
Sponsor Pack 5 (5).jpg
2023 SponsorAd Pack 6.jpg
Advertising Pack 5 (3).jpg

Don't have time to create an ad?

We can make one for you!


New Car Leaderboard (2).jpg

Basic Non-Animated Ad

Dentist Large Leaderboard.jpg

Animated Ad with Sound


BCFitness Skyscraper.jpg



Med Square Ad.jpg

Event Flyer

SAMPLE Pizza Flyer.jpg
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