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Marketing the Presidency - 125 Years of Presidential Artifacts

Start Time

4/10/24, 10:00 PM

End Time

4/10/24, 11:00 PM

Please join us on Wednesday, April 10th, at 6 PM where local presidential historian Steve Mihaly will present “Marketing The Presidency-125 Years of Presidential Artifacts.”
This lively, fun historical 50 minute visual presentation will showcase the often odd and weird items presidential campaigns have produced over the last century to entice voters to support them.
During the presentation the audience will see such things as William McKinley “Soap Baby Dolls”, Teddy Roosevelt “Big Sticks” Franklin Roosevelt “Glow In The Dark Stove Pot Covers”, Jimmy Carter wind-up mechanical “Peanut Toys” and a Richard Nixon shower head where the water comes streaming from his mouth!
Mr. Mihaly has been a collector of political items for over the past 50 years, and his collection of over 20,000 such artifacts in believed to be one of the largest privately held collections in the country. Mr. Mihaly has been a featured speaker at dozens of museums, historical societies, universities, & libraries, and his collection has been featured in multiple local & national publications, as well as various radio and TV programs.
We look forward to you joining us for this FREE 50 minute presentation, as we take a fun journey reviewing presidential elections of the past and the memorable personalities and artifacts associated with those campaigns!
Register Here:
As always, donations to the Friends of Old Economy Village are welcome to support future free programming, like this one! Suggested donation amount is between $3-$5.


FREE; suggested donation $3.00 to $5.00


Contact Information



270 16th Street, Ambridge, PA 15003, USA


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