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A Christmas Story House Smart-Guided 7 - mile cycle Tour

Start Time

6/1/24, 3:00 PM

End Time

6/1/24, 7:00 PM

Tour the iconic A Christmas Story movie house and neighborhood, Cleveland's Festive Public Square, and more on this short 7 mile bike tour.
A Christmas Story House
Smart-Guided Selfie Cycle Tour ~ Cleveland, Ohio
CycleNuts Selfie Cycling Tours
CycleNuts Selfie Tours tie together fun, interesting, scenic, historic, tasty, and refreshing points of interest along a bikeway focused tour route where you ride at your pace and your pleasure. You are the tour boss.
With these smart-guided bikeway cycling adventures you bring the bike and smart phone, and ​CycleNuts provides the Smart Guide. The Smart Guide gives you voice and visual turn-by-turn instructions along an expertly designed and tested tour route.
Do the tour solo or bring along your crew. Easily stop anywhere along the way to visit attractions or refreshments and the Smart Guide will continue the route from wherever you are when you are ready to roll.
A Christmas Story House and Museum are open year round, but even more festive during the Christmas season with Cleveland all decorated up for the occasion!
This cycling tour starts at a free parking area at Irishtown Bend , takes you on a short tour of Cleveland's East Flats entertainment/business district along the Cuyahoga River , past the Moses Cleaveland marker (founder of Cleveland - yes... somehow the 'a' got lost when the city was named after him?), up under the historical Main Ave Bridge, the "longest historic bridge in Ohio" on old Main street into and through downtown's west side warehouse entertainment/residential district to Cleveland Public Square (the heart of Cleveland), which is festively decorated every year for Christmas.
From there, the tour takes you across the historical Hope Memorial Bridge into the Tremont neighborhood and to A Christmas Story House , which is the turnaround spot. Along the way there is a photo opportunity at the Tremont Cleveland Script sign.
The 7 mile tour follows the lay of the land. In Cleveland, the lay of the land includes the wonderful, deep Cuyahoga Valley running right along the downtown area. Although this tour comes with CycleNuts' 50% downhill guarantee, on the 50% going uphill your bike's climbing gears will be appreciated. The route is 45% bikeway with several segments of double and triple wide sidewalks available along the way. Easily, anywhere along the way, the route can be detoured to add nearby points of interest.
Bring your own bike or rent one in the Cleveland area. If your bike has gears you will probably use them to climb in several spots along the route. Any bike could be used for this route, even a single speed, as long as you do not mind walking it uphill in the spots mentioned. Sweating is optional - you set your own pace, comfort level, starting time, and touring agenda with CycleNuts' expert smart-guided cycle tour pattern. The route is shaded about 30% of the way.
HERE'S THE PLAN: CycleNuts provides an expertly designed and tested tour via internet links to a designated Google Maps route. You supply the bike you are going to ride and a cell phone which will guide you along the Google Maps route provided. Google Maps navigator will talk to you with turn-by-turn directions and display a real-time turn-by-turn map.
-From your location simply click on link 1 provided by CycleNuts (using your cell phone) and follow the Google Maps directions to the starting spot;
-Unload your bike (if you transported it to the starting spot), or if you rode your bike to the starting spot then you are good to go;
-and then click on link 2 provided by CycleNuts and begin the tour (for more complex tours there may also be a link 3 or 4 to click on along the way as well as additional instructions).
WHERE TO RENT A BIKE: See your ticket purchase confirmation information for local bike rental details.
GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! - take note that the tour starting and ending times on the ticket are only a general guideline to give you an idea of how much time the tour may take at the minimum. Your time in the saddle, on the trail, and starting times are your call - it is your tour. One ticket equals fun for all! Bring as many people as you wish on your tour. Ticket purchase is for the CycleNuts Selfie Smart-guided route only. Admission to the A Christmas Story House and Museum are not included. Attractions, lodgings, food, bike rental, etcetera are not included in the ticket purchase.



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1785 Merwin Avenue, Cleveland, OH, USA

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