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Fish Fry - Raccoon Twp

Start Time

3/24/23, 8:00 PM

End Time

3/24/23, 11:00 PM

One way to off set the high cost of equiping and maintaining a Fire Department is fish fries.
Travel to any part of Pennsylvania on a Friday and you’re sure to run across one.

We here at Raccoon VFD are no different and pride ourselves in serving you a great meal at a great price.
To see what we offer look at the menu below.

All eat-in dinners include French Fries, Salad Bar, and coffee or Fruit Drink.

Take-out dinners include French Fries, Bread, Cole Slaw, and Potatoe Salad.

Serving Hours
4pm to 7 pm

Fish Dinner
Baked Fish Dinner
Senior Dinner
Childs Dinner (One Piece)
Shrimp Dinner
Shrimp Only
Fish Sandwich
Chicken Fillets Dinner
Chicken Fillets Only (3)
French Fries
Onion Rings

Fried Mushrooms
Fried Cauliflower
Salad Bar Only
Fish Only (one piece)
Fried Clams (Only)
Fried Clams Dinner
Mac & Cheese Only
Cole Slaw Only
Potato Salad Only
Extra Bun
Pop (Assorted Varieties)