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Beaver Falls Community Development Corp.

Beaver Falls Community Development Corp.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES We believe that the city is full of assets, gifted people, and potential from we can draw ideas, resources, insight and the capability necessary to implement these plans. Not only are there many assets to build upon, we see Beaver Falls as a gift. We are privileged to live among great neighbors in a well-designed space surrounded by a beautiful landscape. As a CDC, we tend to hold relationships, hospitality, beauty and social capital in high regard in place of other dominant ideals such as convenience, efficiency or financial gain. Finally, we invite and embrace members of the community as partners. We hope that all Beaver Falls’ residents will stay here, provide input, continue to invest in their neighborhoods, schools and churches, and work towards a more rich and full quality of life. We simply cannot move forward without the help and support of the community.


Phone Number:

P.O. Box 234 Beaver Falls PA 15010




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