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Bobcat Players Community Theater

Start Time

Start Time

11/19/23, 12:30 AM

11/19/23, 2:30 AM

Directed by Patti Ross and Assisted by Toyauna Slappy

Norrison is a mid-century business tycoon who prides himself on his impeccable organizational
skills and his facility in controlling his underlings. He is about to embark on an eagerly
anticipated vacation when his wealthy young ward, Lydia, comes to him with a serious problem.
While under his tutelage she has met and married a man of humble origins and dubious
reputation. Her strict, snobbish parents are due to retrieve their seemingly innocent daughter
in an hour’s time. The task before Norrison is enormous: transform this sow's ear of a husband
into a silk purse before their imminent arrival. Will it be impossible or easy as 1 2 3?




Contact Information



1300 5th Street, Beaver, PA, USA

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