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Who is Beaver County Events and what do we do?

We are the answer for your question - "What is happening and how can I be a part of it?"

Have you ever missed an event, activity or opportunity because you found out too late?  We did. A lot.  We found our inspiration and began to change that thanks to our pet Beagle - Shadow. We were on our way to the Brady's Run Dog Park but ended up taking a three hour detour to spend time with numerous new friends at a picnic for dogs.  The only clue it was happening - a small sign we passed along the road.  Because we had so much fun (Shadow included), we vowed at that moment to build this website as a gathering place for information about any and all positive events so that no one will miss a great opportunity again!

Our very first event was shared on Facebook in May 2018 which featured a gardening project at a local library.  Despite our very humble beginnings on social media, we have worked hard to become a trusted resource to all communities, earning the support of local first responders, veterans and non-profit groups along the way.

We, owners Nathan Goughnour and Leah Schlack, are on a mission to help bring events, non-profits and small businesses, which represent the core of every community, to the front and center of everything we do.  The struggle felt by these groups is second to none as they work to provide products, services and education while protecting our history and stories.  We hold more than 30 years of combined special events experience, leadership and volunteer service.  Our goal is to help build fellowship and participation by putting positive information into one location and making it easily searchable from the palm of your hand.

The future looks amazing as we visit and share events, organizations and businesses, as well as, the stories of the people behind them.  Our future vision includes a future museum/office with meeting rooms that will feature artifacts from past, present and future events!  

Thank you and we look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you! 

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