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We are constantly working to bring you new ways to support your event, non-profit or business to save you time and money.  Your time should be focused on serving your customers.  Let us focus on helping you reach them!

Send us your needs today at or call 724-513-1792


Do you need to tell people about a special sale quickly or simply want to keep your name front and center for an entire year? 

We can provide both and much more!  Whether it is a simple ad to create name recognition, an animation or a video ad, we'll work with you to provide the best possible reflection of your business.

Your ad can even be connected to events going on in your home community!  

Put your money where your customers are!

Are you a small non-profit?  Your ad could be reduced or even free! 


Do you want to have your name travel with us?  Or be seen online by thousands of our friends?  

Consider being a sponsor of our activities.  We only feature positive, community-building people, events, organizations and businesses.  When friends see our name, they'll also see yours!

Sponsor us out at a single event or stick with us year-round, there are plenty of opportunities to suit your desires!



Good planning is always the key to success!  You can count on our over 25 years of events planning and management experience.

We can help plan for nearly any size event.  From traffic and spectator flow, event routes, grounds layout, safety issues and much more. 

Feedback can be crucial for the planning of future events.  We can attend just like your guests and offer feedback to make management easier.

Are you a small non-profit?  Reduced or free assistance may be available for you!

Interested in bringing us to one of your special events?   Call us today!
It is time to end your burden and worry. 
Send us your advertising, sponsorship or event planning interests and needs to or call us
Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 724-513-1792.  
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